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Executive Handbook

Past President
Nominating Committee
AGM Checklist



The Treasurer



The Treasurer is elected for one term of two years and may be re-elected for a second term.  At the expiration of a second consecutive term of office, a member is not eligible for election to that office until one year has expired.


The Treasurer shall have supervision of all of the moneys and securities belonging to the Association, shall cause all moneys to be received to be deposited in a financial institution to be designated by the Executive Committee, and shall prepare financial statements as required by the Executive Committee.



  1. Arranges for banking facilities, including signing authority, and holds alternate signing authority along with the President. Transfers documents to incoming treasurer at AGM.  Transfer of signing authority completed by end of June. 
  2. Creates and maintains the annual budget. 
  3. Pays all bills.  
  4. Checks Mail box at least once a month.  Mail Box is located at the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library, 727 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3E 3P5. 
  5. Provides a written financial statement at each Executive meeting, including encumbered funds and event/program revenues.
  6. Receives revenue and provides receipts for financial transactions including membership fees. 
  7. Assists Executive members with financial details regarding MAHIP functions. 
  8. Is able to give a full picture of the financial health of the Association at all times (that is, debits, credits and balances).
  9. Prepares and presents at the AGM a financial statement for the past year and a proposed budget for the coming year.




  1. Maintains a current membership list.


  2. Creates and makes available membership applications.  Note:  There is also a membership form on the MAHIP website; if the paper form is changed, the web form should also be changed.


  3. Coordinates the annual membership drive to renew existing memberships and to secure new memberships.  Membership forms are distributed at the AGM and a notice is posted on the MAHIP listserv after the AGM, with an additional reminder in November.  After December 31, members who have not renewed should be deleted from the current membership records. 


  4.  Provides an oral membership report at each Executive meeting and Annual General Meeting. (Includes demographics as appropriate, for example, continuing, new, mailing address, email address, phone number.)


  5. Maintains a Membership Directory., One copy is given to the Secretary to be included in the MAHIP records in the Archives.


  6. Maintains a list of past Executive members.


  7. Sends Thank you letter to each member upon renewal of membership.


Bank Accounts


As of March 2019, MAHIP has one bank account with BMO. Previously there was one bank account as the operating account, and one short-term investment with RBC.  When the short-term investment came due, the money was consolidated into the operating account.

Signing authority on this account must be changed with the appointment of a new treasurer.

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