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The Secretary

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Executive Handbook

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The Secretary


The Secretary is elected for one term of two years and may be re-elected for a second term.  At the expiration of a second consecutive term of office, a member is not eligible for election to that office until one year has expired.


The Secretary shall mail to all members in good standing an agenda (to include place, date, time and purpose thereof) and the minutes for each general meeting, at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.


The Secretary shall keep a record in minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the Association and shall have custody of all books, records and papers of the Association, except such as shall be in the custody of other persons authorized to have possession by resolution of the Executive Committee.




  1. Records minutes of all Executive Committee, Annual and Special meetings of the Association.


  2. Provides copies of Minutes to members of the Executive, distributing prior to meeting.


  3. Provides an updated contact list of Executive Committee members to the Webmaster for posting on the MAHIP website.


  4. Maintains custody of current Minutes of the Association, including both electronic and paper copies.


  5. Handles correspondence as the President or Executive Committee may direct.


  6. Creates publicity/posters for all MAHIP events.


  7. Prepares and distributes announcements for programs electronically one month in advance.


  8. Advertises electronically using the MAHIP-l listserv and other listservs as appropriate


  9. Provides the Webmaster with program announcements/publicity for inclusion on the MAHIP website. 


  10. Manages the structure and membership of the association Dropbox files.


  11. Collects all publicity for archival purposes.


  12. Stores the Secretary's records of the Association for the past 10 years in Dropbox.  At the end of each year reviews, with the President, the oldest records in order to prepare one copy for donation to the Archives of the University of Manitoba according to the archival plan. Disposes of older documents in Dropbox and Google Drive as necessary according to the archival plan.


  13. Ensures transfer of previous years' documents (electronic and print) to incoming secretary along with template used for minutes.
  14.   One week prior to the AGM, creates certificates for out-going Executive members.




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