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AGM Checklist

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Executive Handbook

Past President
Nominating Committee
AGM Checklist



Annual General Meeting Checklist


1 Month in Advance

  • Nominating Committee established.
  • Date chosen.
  • Venue chosen.
  • Constitution reviewed to ensure compliance.


Agenda prepared, to include:

  • Approval of previous year's minutes 
  • President's Report (may incorporate other reports)
  • Treasurer's Report (as above)
  • Bylaw changes if applicable
  • Election of Executive Officers
  • Announcements (award presentations, Christmas luncheon, workshops, and upcoming events)
  • Other Business.


15 Days in Advance

  • AGM Notice (minimum 2 weeks in advance) sent to members with:
    • Agenda
    • Previous year AGM minutes 
    • Notice of By-Law changes sent out
    •  Membership renewal form  
  • Website updated.
  • Catering arranged.
  • Reports written:
    • President
    • Treasurer, including Membership information
    • Nominating committee
    • Other reports, as appropriate 

One Week in Advance

  • Numbers confirmed for catering
  • Election of Officers prepared
  • Reminder communication sent to members (as above) 
  • Photocopying to hand out at AGM prepared:
    • President's Report
    • Treasurer's Report
    • Agenda
    • Minutes from last year's AGM
    • Ballots and slate of nominees
    • Bylaw resolutions if applicable. 


One Day in Advance

  • Current membership list.
  • All reports and photocopying is assembled.


Tidbits Not to Forget 

  • Motion to accept Minutes; 
  • Request for nominations from the floor;
  • Motion to destroy ballots (once elections are complete).



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